Do you like to party? I am pretty sure Super Mario does as well. Super Mario is one of the most iconic Nintendo characters of all time

Because of his popularity, a lot of game developers go into a creative mode to create a set of different Super Mario games.

We have the conventional Super Mario game which is a side-scrolling platform game. There is also a racing game in the form of Mario Kart, and there is also an RPG game showcasing Super Mario and his trusty sidekick, Luigi.

But, what if you want to play all of the Super Mario characters? Wouldn’t that be great? I think so too, so today, we are going to talk about the Mario Party 5 Game for the Nintendo Gamecube.

The story of the game is pretty simple. You have to defeat Bowser’s Koopa kids (there are three of them in total and their names are red, blue, and green).

The premise of beating the Koopa kids is simple: all you have to do is beat them in mini-games so that you can drain their coins away.

Once you defeat the Koopa kids, you will now directly attack Bowser in a board game called the “Frightmare”. In this one-on-one final fight, there are four mini-games that the player must successfully complete in order to defeat Bowser.

The first mini-game is where you will have a fight against the Mechakoopas. They are basically just robotic versions of the Koopa troops.

The second mini-game is where you will simply jump to avoid three burning rings. Just make sure that you time your jump otherwise you will lose some coins if you hit one of the burning rings.

The third battle is where you will go face to face with Bowser himself. You have to do things accordingly to make Bowser jump three times on a particular tile to advance to the fourth battle.

The fourth and final battle is where Bowser grows into a huge behemoth. Do not worry, though, as Mario now has the ability to shoot fireballs at him. Of course, you have to aim and time your fireballs correctly. By defeating Bowser for good, you will unlock an additional board to play on.

The Mario Party 5 Game for the Nintendo Gamecube is mostly set on a game board. Each game board will have a particular theme, but in this installment, most of the game boards will have some sort of a “dream” theme.

Playing the game is much like Monopoly (the board game) where you will roll some kind of dice and Mario will move towards the tiles on the board. Some tiles on the game board will have specific mini-games into them which the player should comply.

After successfully winning mini-games, players can acquire coins which they can use in the game for various stuff (like advancing to the board and buying new skills for Mario).

There is a total of 10 playable characters in the game and there is also a huge Donkey Kong cameo as well (he will be present in the game, though, you will not be able to choose him).

The Mario Party 5 Game for the Nintendo Gamecube is a highly entertaining game which you can play with your family and friends.