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The Mini Hoverboard Segways

The mini hoverboard Segway can be considered as a blend of Segway and Skateboard. The Mini Segways enable the users to have smooth and easy ride. These Segways are used to move around the home or a mall and to move around a small area outside. The Mini Hoverboard Segway is a very beautiful as well as elegant device. The new design makes it appear different from the other Segways. The Mini Hoverboard is provided with built-in LED lights making it distinctive wherever it is kept. These mini hoverboards ensure more mobility to the users and as a result now it is one of the hottest devices that are used for small distance transportation.
Auto-balancing technology
The mini hoverboard Segways are available in different models. However, all these devices are based on the auto-balancing technology or self-balancing technology. With the self-balancing technology the mini Segways balance themselves thereby making the ride easier and more comfortable to the users. The set of accelerometers that are provided in these devices are highly advanced and these accelerometers ensure auto-balancing of the mini hoverboards. When the riders apply their feet on the pedals, the chips in the accelerometers identify the changes in the weight of the riders and accordingly activate the hoverboard motors so as to make the scooters move in the proper directions. Riding the mini hoverboard Segway is as simple and easy as riding a bike and there is no complicated technology involved in its functioning.
Moving forward and backward
The new users of the mini hoverboard Segways should know how these devices function and also the proper way of using them. The hands-free Segways are very easy to ride. The users can enjoy smooth and effortless ride since the pressure given by the feet of the rider in different directions are responded appropriately by the two separate motors. By way of tilting the feet to the front portion of the foot rest the rider can make forward movement. The pressure received from the foot of the rider is transferred to the accelerometer by the foot rests and as a result the motors are powered to make the movement in that particular direction. When the rider applies pressure backwards using his heels the hoverboard moves backwards. By practicing for a few days one can easily be an expert rider of the mini hoverboard Segway. The experienced riders of these hands-free Segways even perform many tricks and spins by applying pressure with their feet in opposite direction.
Go slow and steady
Coming in a wide range of models the mini hoverboard Segways are ideal for people of all age groups. The instructional DVDs that are provided along with these hoverboard are very useful for learning how to ride the hoverboard. The users must learn in detail the method of riding. Before they start riding they must learn well how to balance and one should not be in a hurry to have a ride. The new users should take the time required by them to learn and should start riding only after they are confident that they can balance. One can build up confidence by going slow and learning thoroughly.

Niantic Has a Good Reason Why They Shut Down Other Pokemon Tracking Sites

So, the recent Pokemon Go update removed an all-important feature of the game, the Pokemon Tracker tool. It was removed because, according to Niantic, the feature is flawed and it needs fixing. When you ask players, it is bugged because of the infamous “three-step” bug that gave them three paw prints but it never goes down to zero.

Now, the Pokemon tracking tool is very important because it is the only (legitimate) way of tracking Pokemon for you to catch in your area.

For people who want a more robust tracking tool, however, they resorted to other means. One of the most popular Pokemon Go tracking website is “Pokevision”. In fact, it is so popular that millions of Pokemon Go players have used the service.

But, like any company would, Niantic was quick to issue a cease and desist order against any other Pokemon Tracking device or mechanisms. They also have a good reason for shutting such services down.

You see, just recently, Pokemon Go has been officially released in Latin America (most especially in Brazil). They were able to do so after shutting down Pokemon Go tracking websites.

You’re probably asking, “so what is that damn good reason you were talking about”? Well, according to a recent post by Niantic’s officials, shutting down Pokemon Go tracking websites were one of the best things they’ve done because it alleviated the stress their servers were getting prior to the cease and desist order.

Niantic even posted a usage graph where people can clearly see the (immediate) effects of shutting down such services.

They also went on to explain why this is the case. You see, Pokemon Go tracking websites need to connect to the game’s official servers for them to be able to track Pokemon accurately for you.

This, in turn, causes huge traffic on the servers of the game, resulting in people getting connectivity issues from lagging to abrupt disconnections.

Because of the shutdown of such Pokemon tracking services, they were able to roll out the game officially in Latin America. And also, they can roll out to other parts of the globe in the near future as well.

Niantic ended their statement with a letter of understanding to the fans of the game. The recent moves of the company made Pokemon Go players angry, especially since the removal of the Pokemon tracking tool and other Pokemon tracking sites.

But, after giving the right reason why they did what they did, I think that angry Pokemon Go players will have a change of heart.

There are a lot of good things you can get from the recent statement. For one, the company aims to release the game to a worldwide audience. Second, they are committed to fixing the game and making it playable and enjoyable. And third, they are now more open to communicating with the fans of the game.

I hope that Niantic will continue this upward motion. Pokemon Go is a game developed by Niantic and published by Nintendo and is available for both Android and Apple mobile phones.