HCG drops, the main (and most important) part of the HCG diet, are now widely available. Before you invest in any sort of HCG drops, however, you want to be sure that the product that you are buying is of the absolute highest quality. How can you tell that the product you are paying for is amongst the best on the market? Here, we will let you know things you need to check before you invest in any HCG drops online.

No Additives

Any HCG drops that you invest in should be 100% HCG. Be sure that the product you are investing in has no additives. HCG is all-natural, and needs no additives or preservatives. You should also be sure that whatever product you are taking does not contain any other drugs or vitamins, like B12, or amphetamines. If you cannot read the labeling and ingredients online, then call the business, directly, and ask them what ingredients that their HCG drops contain. If they mention anything but simple HCG, be sure to buy your product elsewhere. The risk is not worth it, and you need nothing else.

Confirm Drops are Not Expired

Believe it or not, HCG drops have a limited shelf life. After a period of time, they start to lose their overall effectiveness. This could mean that you experience a significant change in the speed of your weight loss, that you notice you are having a harder time losing any weight, or that your weight loss stops completely if you are using drops that are past their use-by date. Expiration date is a difficult thing to inquire about when purchasing drops online. Be sure that you check the bottles as soon as they arrive at your home, and ship any back that are expired.

Track Your Weight Loss

Another way to spot when you have been sold a fake, HCG drops with additives, or a solution that has expired is to carefully track your weight loss. If you notice that your weight loss begins to slow down, or stops all together, you will want to no longer purchase drops from the business that you have been purchasing from. Instead, you may want to send them back the supply that you have and ask for a refund. With HCG you should always be losing weight as long as you are taking the drops and on the diet.