There is no dearth of mobile phone signal boosters in the market today. There are scores of manufacturers, dozens of types and several variants in each category. Manufacturers of mobile phone signal boosters have become considerably experimental with their designs, sizes and specs. R4i Gold options galore, it is only natural for anyone to be a little perplexed and you need to be very cautious while comparing the various mobile phone signal boosters at your discretion.

Here are some tips to pick the best mobile phone signal boosters.

  • At the very onset, you must understand the difference between outside antennas and inside antennas. In other words, you should make note of the different efficiency levels depending on where you install part of the system. If you have an antenna outside then you will always stand to gain more. If your entire setup is done inside or within the walls of a building, then you will not stand to get the most out of your mobile phone signal boosters. There is a simple rule in the world of radio waves. The more open a transmitter or receiver is and the less the obstructions, the better signal strength or reception you shall get. Install an antenna or part of the system outside, at the roof or somewhere in the open which gets a clear passage towards the tower and you will always get the best signal strength that can be obtained for the specific mobile phone signal boosters. In other words, the sleek panels to be installed entirely inside may not be the best choice, unless that is your only option due to lack of space outside.
  • The more compact models are better mobile phone signal boosters. This is a myth. More compact models look better and they are stylish but they are not necessarily better. On the contrary, if you have dedicated parts such as the antennas, amplifiers and repeaters, then you will get a better signal strength. There is a perception that compact models don’t have lag times between transmissions and re-transmissions. Such a perception is wrong.
  • You must always consider what you need and what you can do without. If you don’t need portability, then don’t opt for plug and play devices. They are mostly ideal for very small areas. However, if you need only your desk to get a strong signal boost, then you can always opt for plug and play mobile phone signal boosters, else opt for elaborate installations.